Good reasons for the customer card

Good reasons for the customer card

Secure some unbeatable advances with the customer card. Our customer card is the basement of more detailed consulting that is specially tailored to you. Needless to say, our customer card is for free and will stay for free.

Drug safety
The connection between your health ticket and our modern database enables us to check and inform you about possible incompatibilities or interactions of medications easier and faster.

Statement of costs
We are happy to compile a statement of medication co-payment costs for you, to hand it in with your tax forms or your health insurance company.

Health news
We are happy to send you regular health tips (e.g. for diabetics or allergies) and recent news about improvements of drug substances or new medications, which might be interesting to you.

Electronic memory
With your health ticket DOM Apotheke always has an overview – even when you cannot remember the name of your regular medication at this moment.

You get a discount of 3% on all non-pharmacy only products and 2% on all pharmacy only products.

Do you have wishes, or would like to offer some suggestions or criticism? We always have an ear for our customers!